Wolfgang Weigend

Weigend Wolfgang

Master Principal Solution Engineer GraalVM & Java Technology and Architecture

Company: Oracle

Track: А

Time: 10:00 - 10:45 (GMT +02:00)

Country: Germany

Language: English

Talk: GraalVM 22.0 Concepts & Features

About the Speaker

Wolfgang Weigend, Oracle Master Principal Solution Engineer GraalVM working in the global Java Team at ORACLE Global Services Germany GmbH with focus on Java technology, GraalVM and architecture for enterprise application development.

Talk: GraalVM 22.0 Concepts & Features

GraalVM is a high-performance JDK distribution. It is designed to accelerate the execution of applications written in Java and other JVM languages while also providing runtimes for JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and a number of other popular languages. GraalVM's polyglot capabilities make it possible to mix multiple programming languages in a single application. Further the session is about how to build platform-specific native executables of JVM-based applications and guide you through the GraalVM concepts, where you will get technical information about GraalVM's architecture, distributions available, supported platforms, core and additional features. GraalVM can be used either as an Open Source Community Edition (CE) or as an Enterprise Edition (EE) with the OTN license within the Java SE subscription. In the lecture, the GraalVM architecture is presented in the Java eco system and the areas of application are explained, for example the C2 JIT compiler developed in Java or the use of GraalVM native images. The native images compiled with GraalVM Ahead-of-Time capability have an optimized startup time and they reduce the memory consumption of JVM-based applications. GraalVM and OpenJDK can also be used for microservices frameworks.