Oleg Šelajev

Developer advocate

Company: AtomicJar

Track: В

Time: 12:00 - 12:45 (GMT +03:00)

Country: Estonia

Language: English

Talk: About the best development tooling in the world

About the Speaker

I'm helping with the testcontainers libraries -- simplifying integration testing.

Talk: About the best development tooling in the world

Java's success is often attributed to its dynamic nature, which allowed it to create a brilliant ecosystem of libraries and tools that worked incredibly well in academia, startups, and enterprises alike.
Modern Java projects depend on external systems, complicating development environments, testing, CI/CD pipelines, and deployment. Luckily, where needs go out of Java's control, Docker comes to the rescue.
This session will look at how modern Java projects set up their development and testing environments and run tests locally and in CI against actual databases, message brokers, and cloud stacks.
Java: write once, run anywhere; for everything else, there's Docker.