José E. Garcia

Principal Software Engineer

Company: Sngular

Track: А

Time: 14:00 - 14:45 (GMT +03:00)

Country: Spain

Language: English

Talk: Contract Driven Development joins ApiFirst Paradigm

About the Speaker

Leader of some Open Source projects base on Java ecosystem.

Talk: Contract Driven Development joins ApiFirst Paradigm

During the process, to develop several microservices following the approach of Contract Driven development, as part of the API First initiative, in a Spring ecosystem, we found ourselves in the lack of tools and help to achieve the main objective: Develop high quality software. So we decided to build the necessary tools in order to make our life easy.
Since we need to combine different APIs paradigms and, also, APIs from different microservices, we found the actual tools had two problems: Don't support the paradigm )Spring cloud Contract doesn't have support for OpenApi or AsyncApi) and the actuals code generator doesn't suit our needs quite well, that is why we built our own tools and shared them with the community.
In this context, we create a maven plugin capable of build a skeleton of code base on Asyncapi and/or OpenApi definition, and a Spring Cloud Contract (SCC) converter to be use with the original SCC Maven plugin capable of get an AsyncApi, or OpenApi, definition and generate the code for testing the producers and create the stubs for consumer.
The main goal is allowing everybody to work with the paradigm of Api First along with Contract Driven development.